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About me
Clara Heimsath

Hi, I'm Clara

I’ve spent 10+ years building dynamic physical, digital, and omni-channel experiences around the world. I’m comfortable moving between a board room with c-suite executives, on the ground conducting hands-on research, synthesizing insights into actionable journeys and tasks, discussing technical requirements with engineers, and digging into Figma variables and components. When not working, I love spending time with my family, cooking, traveling, and photography.

Designer, Storyteller, and Strategist

I'm a storyteller who thinks strategically to design innovative end-to-end experiences by fostering collaborative and efficient teams.

Throughout my professional journey working as an archaeologist, an educator, a researcher, a digital designer, and a creative leader, I've committed myself to building relatable, approachable, and dynamic narratives that drive affinity.

My career has been centered around bridging emotional and functional needs through the intersection of storytelling and technology. I love operations, working to identify and refine processes to help teams meet goals more efficiently while bolstering opportunities for innovation and exploration.

I'm eager to explore how advancements in AI will help us deliver purposeful experiences that foster human connection, ignite inspiration, and deepen empathy.

From living in 4 countries across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, conducting ethnographic research in 11 countries, and creating strategic CX experiences for Fortune 10 corporations' global audiences, I'm comfortable almost anywhere in the world.
Years leading teams, over three directly managing people
Design systems built, managed or maintained – two utilzing Figma!
Design Thinking, UI/UX, and CX workshops facilitated
Global CX / UX strategies developed and distributed

Method to the madness

My approach to physical, digital, and omni-channel Experience Design is strategic and research-driven, focusing on optimizing workflows and increasing clarity while dynamically adapting to unique project requirements and situations.


Strategic & Data-driven

In my previous career, I've worked in cataloging and hands-on global ethnographic research. This has given me a unique perspective layering research, strategy, experience design and business management. My unique Master's degree focused on:

  • Creating and evaluating multi-year organizational strategies while balancing cost, scope, and time.
  • Developing physical and digital experiences with global audiences.
  • Collecting, organizing and synthesizing large quantities of data using clear taxonomies, metadata and structure.
  • Managing internal teams across disciplines building towards a unified vision.

DesignOps & Optimization

I'm passionate about optimizing people, processes, and deliverables to amplify design value while allowing for scalability. My experience includes:

  • Optimizing Figma Design libraries using components, properties and variables.
  • Guiding multidisciplinary team processes, collaboration, and handoff strategies (e.g., Figma DevMode, Abstract, Zeplin).
  • Developing and disseminating training and resources hubs to guide standards and processes for teams ranging from 5 to 40+ creatives.
  • Determining scope, timelines, and resource allocations based on unique project needs.

Dynamic and Fluid

While I've done Waterfall, Agile, and even 'Wa-gile', saying my process always follows the same method would be inaccurate. It typically comes down to the unique scope, cost, time, resources, and objectives of a specific project. However, no matter the method, my process always includes:

  • Providing direction for my team with the information we have.
  • Iterative and adaptable approach that evolves with changing needs.
  • Leveraging data and research whenever possible.
  • Constant open communication between disciplines and teams.