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Clara Heimsath

Cross-functional team leader, strategic systems thinker and purpose-driven experience designer passionate about collaboratively optimizing people, processes, and craft across disciplines ensuring solutions are both comprehensive and inclusive.

Currently, I'm an Associate Experience Design Director at Razorfish where I lead multidisciplinary teams on strategic engagements that deliver impact at scale and drive affinity.


  • 10+ years


  • Experience Design

    Qualitative Research

  • DesignOps

  • Design Systems

  • CX¬†Strategy

  • Product Management


  • Altice Mobile

  • Citibank

  • Dell Technologies

  • Mercedes-Benz Mobility

  • The Bump, The Knot Worldwide

  • Under Armour

  • Wegmans


  • Altice Mobile

  • Citibnk

  • Dell Technologies

  • Enterprise Singapore

  • Mercedes-Benz Mobility

  • The Knot Worldwide (The Bump)

  • Under Armour

  • Wegmans

About me

I've built products and experiences that have directly impacted 106 million individuals globally.

Since 2013, I've designed physical, digital, and omni-channel experiences across 11 countries.

My professional experience is grounded in complex spaces from managing 14-person teams, consulting on retail digital banking, and building CX Frameworks unifying globally dispersed teams. My areas of expertise include CX strategy, qualitative research, experience design, DesignOps, and enterprise-scale design systems.
With a foundation in global ethnographic research and physical experience design, I bring a unique perspective to challenges pushing to ensure outcomes are inclusive, dynamic, and build toward a larger relationship beyond individual digital touchpoints.

My works

Featured Projects

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Awards and mentions

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to receive recognition for my contributions to various projects and products. While I've been honored with industry-specific awards and accolades for leadership and initiative-taking, I prioritize projects based on their potential for meaningful impact rather than their likelihood of wide-spread recognition. For me, the true measure of success lies in the positive difference I can make.

Award Name
Progressive ViA Award
Pushing forward with an open mind by thoughtfully challenging what exists for better outcomes, encouraging diverse perspectives, and finding the right solutions within opportunities.
Metamorphosis Award
Ability to move between UI, UX, research, and product management.
Top Work
Highest grossing project and largest customer impact in company history.


Read what my clients and colleagues have to say about me.

What I admire most about Clara is her ability to captivate an audience through well articulated thinking and design rationale... Overall I think her analytical skills and ability to think through design problems in a pragmatic way is about the best you could ask for out of a designer. She is also very thoughtful and detailed in her approach to how she delivers work.

Robbie McIntosh
Creative Director, Razorfish

Clara's work as a researcher is very thorough and detailed. She possesses analytic and synthesis skills which are exceptional and will complement team capabilities. I found her able to think through insights, and ask the right questions, so findings land with impact.

Al Youngblood
Sr Researcher, Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team, Meta

Clara and I teamed on an ambitious research and strategy project traveling the world to learn how consumers make mobility decisions...[she] was a natural at collecting, sorting, and storing research facts...the reason I choose Clara on my team over and over again is for her work ethic.

Sandra Leal
SVP, Novela Innovation Group

[Clara] not only challenged my assumptions but also broadened by perspective of the field, breaking the crystal ceiling I had over my head. Her proficiency in product design is awe-inspiring, but what sets her apart is her humility and enthusiasm. Working with her is a constant source of motivation, not just to excel in each task, but also to elevate the quality of our projects, satisfy our users, and exceed client expectations... Learning from Clara has been an enriching experience and I look forward to continuing to grow under her mentorship.


Clara is incredibly curious and thorough. She's always willing to help, doesn't hesitate to start complicated work, and is measured and thoughtful in her approach to all things. Her ability to see the entire scope of a project and understand how and what the team needs to do to accomplish it.


Clara is an exceptional leader that speaks up, collaborates well and motivates those around her. She articulates her ideas well both internally and externally. It's been a pleasure working with her because she is a go-getter, she puts 110% into everything she touches and she's always bringing new ideas to the table.